Angelina Jolie Takes Half the Kids to the Store: Pax Freaks Out, Vivienne Looks Like Dad & Zahara is Stylish Like Mom


Angie and Half Her Kids!

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, their six kids, bodyguards, nannies and dog Jacques, are spending time in the United States for once. The super star family are encamped at their New Orleans mansion in the French Quarter while dad Brad does some work for his Make It Right organization. And while Brad’s helping create homes for the homeless, Angie was spotted taking half of her kids out for a little N’awlins stroll to the store for the newspaper and Funyun!

Check out photos of Angelina, Zahara,  Vivienne and Pax right here.

  • Angelina Jolie and the Kids 1 of 9
    Angelina Jolie  and the Kids
    Going for a walk to the store.
  • All in Black 2 of 9
    All in Black
    Angie was dressed ALL in black for her outing.
  • Vivienne 3 of 9
    Vivienne totally looks like dad Brad Pitt! Love her shirt. so cute.
  • Zahara 4 of 9
    Zahara totally has mom Angie's style.
  • Pax 5 of 9
    Pax is far more reserved looking here.
  • A Production 6 of 9
    A Production
    It must be such a production for the Pitt-Jolie family to go out and do ANYTHING.
  • But They Are Used To It 7 of 9
    But They Are Used To It
    The kids have been photographed for years, so it's probably just part of their lives now.
  • Still Smiling 8 of 9
    Still Smiling
    And even though they are surrounded by paparazzi, they still are smiling!
  • Pax Freak Out 9 of 9
    Pax Freak Out
    Love this photo!


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