Angelina Jolie to Play Cleopatra: A Comparison of Two Legendary Moms


Angelina Jolie has reportedly signed on to play the lead in a biopic on legendary ruler of Egypt and notorious seductress Cleopatra. And, really, can you think of anyone more perfect for the role? Although Cleopatra died in 30 B.C., these two moms actually have a lot in common:

They both fell for married men. When Cleopatra became involved with Ceasar, he was a married man, and she went on to have his baby nine months after their initial meeting. When Angelina Jolie fell in love with Brad Pitt, he was otherwise betrothed to Jennifer Anison, and Jolie became pregnant with Shiloh before that divorce was final.

They both had interesting relationships with their brothers. Remember that weird kiss between Jolie and her brother that got tongues everywhere wagging? Well, Cleopatra actually married two of her brothers although it was some kind of “consort” formality, not true marriages.

They both gave birth to boy-girl twins. Cleoptra had twins by Marc Anthony, Alexander and Cleopatra, while Jolie and Pitt also have fraternal twins Knox and Vivienne.  Cleopatra had four kids total while Jolie has six and counting.

They both liked older men. Caesar was 31 years older than Cleopatra while Billy Bob Thornton, Jolie’s second husband, is nearly two decades her senior.

They will both go down in history as great beauties who men couldn’t resist. Cleopatra was known to steal the hearts of the world’s most powerful men with her seductive charm — and Jolie managed to pry the world’s sexiest man away from what everyone viewed as the perfect union.  Jolie, however, will undoubtedly be remembered some day as not only a great beauty, but a generous humanitarian. Cleopatra, meanwhile, had her own sister assassinated, so compassion for humankind may not have been her strong suit.

Will you see the movie?  This is one I might actually see in the theater instead of waiting for it to come out on video.

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