Angelina Jolie Wants To Adopt An Orphan From Haiti


angelina-jolie-kidsFresh off a UN trip to visit Haitian children who’ve been hospitalized in the Dominican Republic, Angelina is already making plans to go back… and next time she’s not looking to come home empty-handed.

Never one to miss a good opportunity to adopt, Angelina wants to follow Anderson Cooper’s lead and adopt a child orphaned by last month’s devastating earthquake. No surprise there, right?

According to ShowbizSpy, Angelina is already talking to the DR’s president Leonel Fernandez about taking one of the Haitian orphans home with her. Says an inside source:

“She’s made no secret of her desire to adopt again… Children in Haiti need help. It’s a perfect opportunity.”

If Angie gets her way (and she usually does), this would make her 7th child. Of course, that’s assuming that she only adopts one child.

By my calculations that means Brad’s going to have to ditch the Tahoe for something even bigger. A church bus perhaps?


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