Angelina Jolie Won't Let Kids Read Comic Book About Her Life


Angelina JolieThere’s a new comic book out called Female Force: Angelina Jolie, and Angelina has banned her 6 children from reading it.

The 32-page book focuses on her acting career, family life and humanitarian activities, but it also portrays her unconventional lifestyle choices using explicit imagery from her sexy movie roles…not exactly kid material.

Whether it is true or not that Angelina won’t let the kids read it, I can absolutely understand why she doesn’t think her young children should see it – I wouldn’t want my 3 year-old looking at it!

But Angelina seems like a pretty open and honest person, and I’m sure as the kids get older, she’ll explain her past to them…really what choice does she have? They’ll have the internet and be able to read more than they probably should about her!

What do you think? Do you think Angelina should let her children (ages 2 to 10) see something so racy?

Photo: PRPhotos