Angelina Jolie's Kids Call the Nanny Mom!


In almost every photo of Angelina Jolie and her family, she is careful not to have the nanny front and center. In fact, most paps, as some sort of unwritten rule, never take pictures of the kids with the help highly visible. But they are always there and Angie has a slew of people aiding her when it comes to raising her brood. It would be almost impossible for her to work otherwise.

It’s normal for children to be attached to their caretakers. They are the ones that are with them daily and become like family members. But there is a point where it goes too far. The point when they begin to believe that the nanny is mom.

In Touch tells this story in this week’s issue: “At one point, Maddox and Pax got into a brotherly spat over some ketchup,” the witness recalls. “The nanny firmly said, ‘Mad, let Paxie have some ketchup.’ Maddox said, ‘Mom, do I have to?’ and Pax was whining, ‘Mom, make him give me some.'”

The witness to the scene says this went on through lunch with the boys calling the nanny “mother.”

With Angelina on a recent media jag promoting her film Salt, we’ve heard all about her perfect family life. Yet, clearly this is a problem and she should be spending more time with her children. If you were Angelina and your kids were this confused, what would you do?

(Gawker recently ran a feature called ‘Hide the Nanny’ with images of Jolie’s nannies in the background. Click here to take a look.)


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