Angelina Jolie's New Film Role


Fresh off the release of Salt, Angelina Jolie has announced her newest project. A far cry from her most recent action packed thriller, the actress will be turning her attention to something with a bit more depth. Her next flick will be a love story that takes place during the 1992-95 Bosnian War.

Angie announced her plans this weekend during a trip with the twins to meet with members of Bosnia’s inter-ethnic presidency to discuss helping thousands of returning war refugees. There are 117,000 people who haven’t able to return to their homes even though the Bosnia war ended 15 years ago.

The film will employ locals, many of whom are struggling, though the plot will stay away from politics. “The film is a love story, not a political statement,”she said.

I’ll see it. Will you?

Angie will also be supporting programs in the country that promote education.


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