Angelina Takes Maddox To Iraq, Brad Is Irate


angelina-maddox-iraqWe knew that Angelina visited soldiers in Iraq last week, but did she really take Maddox into the danger zone? Supposedly, Brad and Angie had a knock down drag out fight over whether or not she should take Maddox into Iraq.

From In Touch Weekly:

“He told her that it’s no place for a child Maddox’s age,” the associate explains. “But she insisted it wasn’t dangerous and took him anyway.”

After Maddox and Angelina returned from their three-day trip to [Iraq and Jordan], Brad lashed out at Angelina. “He called her irresponsible,” explains the associate. “He had told her taking Maddox to Iraq was ridiculously dangerous, but she disrespected his wishes and went anyway.”

Whether or not said argument ever really happened, I can really see both sides on this one. Sure, it’s great for Maddox to get exposed to the work his mother is so passionate about, but is it worth the potential cost?

Iraq, I could maybe live with, maybe. Now, if it were Afghanistan… it would be a deal-breaker for sure.

If anything did happen to you kid because you brought them into a dangerous situation, it would be really tough to ever forgive yourself.

As far as trying to get a read on the true state of the Brangelina partnership, I’ve pretty much given up. It’s impossible. According to the tabloids, Brad has already gotten back with Jennifer Aniston, broken up with her, and is now hooking up with Diane Kruger. Whatever.