Angelina Wants To Adopt Another Baby From Africa


angelina-kids-adoptionWe all know that Brad and Angelina are going to adopt again at some point. We may hear that the power couple is splitting or that Brad stormed out, but I just won’t believe it until I see it.

Now a source is saying that Brad and Angelina promised Zahara they would adopt another baby from Africa.

Angie wants to do it now, but Brad says it’s just not practical to do it right now. It might be a little harder to avoid it than he would like.

The same source is saying that Angelina, Shiloh and Zahara really bonded with a little girl in an orphanage in Africa. “There were actually three kids who tugged at her heartstrings, but she absolutely fell in love with this child. Shiloh and Zahara hugged the little girl as they were leaving… Angie said it was so sweet, and she’s determined to make her part of the family.”

It’s been a year so I guess it’s about time for them to make an addition to the family. The both of them want a gaggle of kids so, more power to ’em. We can’t wait to meet the next addition.