Angie & Brad Can't Work Together Because They Have So Many Kids



Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt met on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and although the two would love to work together again, they say it won’t be any time soon.  They just have too many kids!

Angelina says she’s just too busy to fit in working with her partner.  “I’d love to work with him but we have a lot of kids!

“We try to find a balance in our lives because we want to educate our children and fulfill our dreams as artists and as people.  So, before making a decision we think about it thoroughly because our family is our top priority.”

Jolie, 34, added, “On a daily basis we make sure their schooling is going right and we’re disciplining them properly and we’re spending enough time with them all individually.”

Angie claims she’s like most moms and is “quite normal.”  Of course she is!

“I am just a dedicated mother and really quite normal.  I dedicate my free time to my United Nations work – I have a sincere interest in social issues.

“At the same time, my main focus is on my children.  I want to be with them for the big moments in their lives.”