Angie & Brad Play Dress-Up For Their Brood



Big-time movie stars like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are just like us regular folk!  Seriously.  Sure, they live in a $35 million chateau, but other than that?  Totally normal!  According to sources, the celebrity couple like to play dress-up for their six children.

Angie and Brad like to spoil their huge brood with lots of attention and fun (reportedly, not because that’s what most parents do, but because they’re breaking up.  Of course.)

Anyway, Brangelina like to dress up like characters from books or movies like James Bond or Harry Potter.

They even had a magic-themed day with magic potion punch and clues to solve so the kids could go to “wizard college.”  Cute.

And?  The kids have great fun, so much fun that they don’t notice that their parents are living separate lives (of course they are.  Who starts these rumors? *cough*).

Do you play dress-up with your babies?