Ann Romneys Personal Style: Is It Fit For A First Lady? (Photos)

Ann Romney and her grandchildren

Chico’s, if this First Lady gig doesn’t work out, I think I have a new model for you: Ann Romney! The potential would-be First Lady of the United Sates already has her personal style pat down: lots of cool, casual colors, bold patterns and prints, and a little touch of pink here and there! To sum it up, she is no Laura Bush.

To be honest, Ann’s personal style is what this country needs: a bold burst of color! Just like current First Lady Michelle Obama, Ann is not afraid to experiment and is a reflection of what we want our next few years to be: bright, positive, and full of good style!

Check out our photo gallery below and tell us, what do you think of Ann Romney’s style? Is it a hit or a miss for you? Hey, and if Chico’s doesn’t work out, there’s always a potential campaign for Ralph Lauren!

  • Keeping Neutral 1 of 8
    Keeping Neutral
    Seriously, Ann should consider a job as a Chico's model if this First Lady gig doesn't work out!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Pearls 2 of 8
    I love, love, love Ann's outfit here. Everything works: the blouse, the polka-dot skirt, the pink belt and those pearls!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Grandma Style 3 of 8
    Grandma Style
    Ann loves comfortable and relaxed looks when she's with her grandchildren (and there's plenty of them!).
    Photo via Twitter
  • Those Legs 4 of 8
    Those Legs
    Wow, Ann. We didn't know you had such killer legs!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Thinking Pink 5 of 8
    Thinking Pink
    Pink is definitely a good color on Anne. I even love how her lipstick matches her shirt here!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Patterns 6 of 8
    I love how Ann mixes and matches bold patterns and accessories in her looks. Love this jacket!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Feeling Floral 7 of 8
    Feeling Floral
    There's no doubting that Ann Romney is a gorgeous woman. I love her floral top in this pic here.
    Photo via Twitter
  • All-American 8 of 8
    Ann Romney even brought her all-American style to the Olympics in London this past summer. I wonder if that jacket was Ralph Lauren?
    Photo via Twitter

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