Anna Friel Is A Busy Mom And Likes It That Way


annafrielAnna Friel is a working mother and plans to keep it that way.

She has a four-year-old daughter, loves being a mother, but loves her work almost as much. She doesn’t want to quit Hollywood because she feels that things are finally going her way.

“I love being a mother so much, but this is also an important time in my career where things are finally happening for me. I don’t ever want to regret not making the most of it, so I bring my daughter to work with me. It’s the only way to make it work.”

She says that her own childhood, a traditional English childhood, is completely different than Grace’s Hollywood upbringing.

I wish they wouldn’t have have taken “Pushing Daises” off the air. I loved watching it and almost always had to have pie while it was on. *Sigh*

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