Ana Ortiz Talks More Babies Just Two Months After Giving Birth



Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz, welcomed her daughter Paloma, with husband Noah Lebenzon, just two months ago, but the 38-year-old actress is already wanting another child!

Ana said of having another baby, “The sooner the better.  We’re definitely looking forward to having a playmate for her.”

Ortiz is loving motherhood and enjoying all the new things her baby girl does.  “She just started smiling.  She’s like [smiles] ‘a-ha.’ And it’s like [theatrics] melt, melt, melt, melt. That’s her latest thing smiling. It’s always in the morning, and it’s like she’s trying to laugh. It’s almost like she’s coughing like a cat coughing up a hairball. It’s so cute.”

Ana feels so blessed to be a parent with her husband, and says it’s brought them closer together.  She added, “It’s incredible.  It’s so much deeper. Before, you’re together, but there’s never that sense of ‘til death do you part, right? When she came along, I was like ‘oh yeah, now I get ‘til death do you part.’ We are together forever. There’s no one I respect more as a man and as a dad. He’s surpassing my dreams. I’m really lucky. Today is the one day he couldn’t babysit. He’s been changing diapers, he’s been getting up in the middle of the night walking her around, he’s been so hands-on and he still manages to be like ‘baby, you look beautiful. My God, you’re so sexy, you’re so beautiful.’ I’m like ‘are you for real?'”

Aw, she sounds so happy!