Anne Hathaway and James Franco - Not Your Granny's Oscar Hosts! (Video)

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Anne Hathaway and James Franco Host the Oscars

Are you still scratching your head in wonder at the decision to have Anne Hathaway and Jame Franco co-host the 2011 Academy Awards on Sunday?  Sorry to tell you that if you don’t get the reasoning behind the decision, it means that you are not one of the members of Generation X and Generation Y that the Academy is hoping to entice into dedicating several hours of their lives to overpaid actors in attire we couldn’t even dream of being able to afford.   Yep, the Academy wants to make the Oscars young and hip with its telegenic young hosts.

While both hosts have tried their chops at comedy by hosting Saturday Night Live, you shouldn’t expect any Ricky Gervais moments of overly barbed humor with each host relishing in their ‘nice guy’ Hollywood reputation.  We can definitely expect some singing and dancing — in fact get a sneak peak of Anne’s signing skills from her 2010 appearance as Dorothy in Wizard of Oz on SNL below. Whatever the duo does end up dishing out, we can definitely expect that this will not be your Grandma’s Academy Awards!