Another Celeb Mom Who is Pregnant in Heels: Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph pregnant
Maya Rudolph

Another celeb mom-to-be proves that Pregnant in Heels isn’t just a show on Bravo!  She joins celeb  Victoria Beckham and Tina as an expectant mom who still wears heels.

Maya Rudolph visited MTV’s “The Seven” with the cast of “Bridesmaids.” She looked comfortable, yet still stylish with her baby bump. But, take a look at those shoes! See a close-up:

Forget the whole balance thing. Being pregnant actually didn’t throw off my balance too much. I could still rock the balancing poses in yoga class, even 9 months pregnant. But, looking at an expectant mom in heels makes my feet ache in sympathy. I didn’t want to wear any shoes when I was pregnant. Flip flops or slippers were all I could stand.

Though, maybe I should have worn heels. Maya Rudolph’s shoes are fabulous!

Maya Rudolph's heels

Did you wear heels when you were pregnant?

Photos: PCN

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