ANOTHER Real Housewives Divorce! Who Broke Up This Time?

Who got divorced this time?

The internet may be buzzing about the separation of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith but for those who are reality TV junkies, the big news of the day is that yet another Real Housewives family is being rocked by divorce.

This recent separation brings the Real Housewives marriage body count up to ten, reinforcing that there may indeed be a Real Housewives marriage curse. So who broke up this time?

Lisa Wu Hartwell

Lisa Wu Hartwell and her NFL star husband Ed Hartwell of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. On Monday she tweeted, “Sadly.We r seperated but wld NEVER b over money. That is so far frm the truth. Wish ppl cld respect ppl’s privacy during times like these.” Apparently there were rumors that the couple’s financial troubles is what had caused their marriage problems.

Last we saw on the show, before she left, she was talking about trying to have another baby, guess that didn’t work out and in light of their separation, it’s a good thing it didn’t!

The two have a three-year-old son Ed Jr. Wu Hartwell (and Lisa has two other children from her marriage to the R & B star Keith Sweat.)

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