Another Trippy "Alice In Wonderland" Trailer Hits The Web (Video)


tim-burton-and-johnny-deppIf you’re like me, you’re waiting on pins and needles to see what kind of mind-tripping freakfest celebrity dads Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have in store for parents when they take their kids to see the latest Disney installment of Alice in Wonderland. Well, we’ve got a sneak peak.

Judging from this extended trailer, Burton’s take on the children’s classic won’t disappoint. But how will it stack up against Where the Wild Things Are? That’s the million dollar question.

We all love Johnny Depp and it seems safe to say that if there ever was a role he was born to play, it’s the mad hatter … along with Captain Jack Sparrow and Hunter Thompson. Still, sometimes Tim Burton movies are amazing, sometimes they don’t quite live up to expectations.

Here’s what I always think about when I watch a Burton/Depp project: What kind of parents are they? All their kids movies are so tripped-out and dark, you’ve gotta really wonder what they’re really like at home — especially Burton.

I’m not saying that I think they’re bad parents or anything like that… I’m just really curious.

Alice in Wonderland – Extended Trailer