Antonio Margarito Face: How Bad Is His Orbital Bone Injury?

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Antonio Margarito Face Has Broken Orbital Bone

Antonio Margarito’s face is in bad shape after losing the Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito fight last night that aired live on HBO pay per view. Antonio Margarito will have to undergo face surgery to repair the injury to his broken orbital bone. But just how bad is an orbital bone injury?

With his broken orbital bone, Antonio Margarito has suffered more than just a black eye. Even though orbital bone surgery is often successful, there is still a chance that Antonio Margarito can suffer from prolonged double vision, or a swollen eye socket.

The injury that Antonio Margarito sustained to his orbital bone is definitely serious. Will it end his career? Many are saying that it won’t , but I guess only time will tell.