Antonio Margarito Face: View Face Photo Before And After Pacquiao Fight

Antonio Margarito Face
Antonio Margarito's Face Before Pacquiao Fight

Antonio Margarito’s Face needs major surgery after the Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight that aired live last night on HBO pay per view. Antonio Margarito’s face has a broken orbital bone, which is a very serious injury. If Antonio Margarito’s orbital bone is not fixed, he could have permanent double vision or a sunken eye socket.

In order to see just how badly Manny Pacquiao beat Antonio Margarito last night, you can look at the photo above of Antonio Margarita’s face before the fight, and then click here for a photo of how his face looked after Pacquiao beat him. Don’t look at it while the kids are around!

The photo of Antonio Margarito’s face after the Pacquiao fight is not something that you will want your kids to see, as his eye is completely swollen shut.

Antonio Margarito remains in the hospital after the Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight until his orbital bone surgery is complete.