Any Day Now! Hilary Duff's Due Date Approaching

Time to pack that hospital bag!

We’ve been watching Hilary Duff‘s expanding baby bump for a while and wondering how close she was coming to sending out announcements with engraved teddy bears.

Now it’s official: her first child with husband Mike Comrie is coming any day now!

Hilary tweeted on Sunday, “spent an amazing weekend in montecito (where mc&i) got hitched! perfect&beautiful! who knows could be the last weekend it’s just the 2 of us :O”

When that day does come, you can be sure she’ll be ready.Last week, Hilary tweeted that she stayed in on a chilly Los Angeles day and cleaned out her closet. “I think the nesting has begun :),” she added.

And yesterday, she treated herself to an hour-long foot massage that left her sighing, “Ooo yaaa life is good!!” But some reflexology experts warn against foot rubs in late pregnancy, on the theory that pressure on certain points of the feet can induce labor.

Come to think of it, Hilary hasn’t posted any tweets yet today.

Do you suppose…?

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