Anysha Panesar, America's Perfect Teen, Should Have Her Crown Taken Away


I’ll be honest, I am not a stickler for rules and occasionally believe that they were made to be broken. However, in the case of the America’s Perfect Teen Contest, where scholarship money and life-changing prizes are involved, I do believe that certain fundamental things should be adhered to. Namely, that this completely unflawed teen should be American.

Anysha Panesar, the winner of the competition held in Florida, is British and hails from a tiny community in Wales. She applied for the compeition while on vacation with her parents and ended up winning. Families and girls who enrolled in the contest are predictably upset, and they should be.

Now I am sure that 16 year old Anysha is a great role model, but I am also sure that there are plenty of beauty contests in Britain that she could enter. While it is not specifically in the guidelines that the crown should go to someone who actually lives in America, given the title, it probably should be. America’s Perfect Teen, as its name proclaims, should be exclusive to American women and the prize, $2,000 and an $18,000 scholarship should go to a resident.


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