Apple And Moses Paltrow-Martin Get More Real Estate


gwyneth-paltrow-moses-appleIn order to make their humble $2.5M shack in London more livable, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have purchased the house next door, which they plan to connect to their current home to make one giant 33-room mega-mansion. Could that possibly be enough space for their family of 4?

I’m being facetious, of course. I have no idea why the Paltrow-Martin family needs a 33-room mansion in London. But, if you’ve got the money, I guess the question is really why not?

Apparently, the power couple have agreed to leave the exterior as it has been, only the interiors will be connected — doubling the play-space for their brood.

The Paltrow-Martin family moved out of the house in May to spend some time in the States while the renovations are being done. Then, the family will migrate back to the UK so the kids can get a proper British education… and, of course, so Apple can play on her slide out back.

I guess the rumors about Gwyneth moving to Spain were a little premature.