Apple Store: The New MacBook Pro is Here! What Makes It Better?


I love my TV. It big, it’s shiny and has a great picture. But I still find myself watching more and more TV, movies and playing games on my laptop. Why? It’s portable, lightweight and convienent. It’s become not just where I work, network, keep in touch with friends and keep entertained. Yes, my MacBook Pro gets a lot of use for a variety of reasons. But is my MacBook outdated? It just might be. On Thursday, Apple released their newest version of their beloved and popular laptop. What makes it so special?

Some of the new features:

A new quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, which they say that all three new models are up to twice as past.

New “Thunderbold” technology which has a faster data rate when connecting to peripherals and high-res displays.

Enhanced graphic processors. On the 15″ and 17″ MacBook Pro the graphics processors are 3 times faster.

FaceTime Goes HD which means you can make full screen HD video calls.

And how much does this all cost?

13″ starts at $1199
15″ starts at $1799
17″ starts at $2499

You can find out more about the new MacBook Pro right here.

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