April Fool's Day: Aubrey O'Day, Dina Manzo, & DJ Pauly D Pull the Best Pranks! (Photos)

aubrey o day, april fool's day
Aubrey O'Day posted this photo of a fake pregnancy test!

While many may loathe the idea of April Fool’s Day, there are a number of celebrity parents who relished in the fun of it all and pulled some of the best pranks without a hitch!

Celebrity Apprentice star Aubrey O’Day announced a pregnancy, to which Jersey Shore star Snooki found exciting and refreshing! Hey, you already knew she wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed!

Snooki’s costar DJ Pauly D claimed paternity on her baby: Yeahhhh buddy! And Dina Manzo announced that she has signed on for season 5 of Real Housewives of New Jersey. She tweeted, “I’m baaaaack!”

Teresa Giudice shared our feelings when realizing it was a prank. Giudice tweeted, “I wish! Then again i wouldnt wish it on any family xx.”

Take a look at the best April Fool’s Day pranks below!

  • Dina Manzo 1 of 8
    Dina Manzo
    Dina tweeted, "Just signed my contract for season 5 of NJ Housewives, I'm Baaccccckkk." Dina later felt bad for causing a lot of excitement. "OMG now I feel bad #Aprilfools, awwww u guys were so excited. Wish I could have seen some of the HW's faces when they read this! Sorry : (."
  • Chris Daughtry 2 of 8
    Chris Daughtry
    Chris tweeted, "I just got thrown off the treadmill and broke my leg....gonna have to cancel the tour. Sorry." He later added, "April Fools!"
  • Barbara Evans 3 of 8
    Barbara Evans
    'Teen Mom' Jenelle's mom tweeted, "i think keiffah is a good guy ...................#APRILFOOLS."
  • DJ Pauly D 4 of 8
    DJ Pauly D
    Pauly D tweeted, "okay okay ill admit it I'm the Father of @snooki baby :) Papa Blowout! #Aprilfools." Snooki got a kick out of that one!
  • Ricky Gervais 5 of 8
    Ricky Gervais
    Ricky tweeted, ""When you die, you go to heaven for eternity and meet Jesus and grow wings" #aprilfools." Ricky always loves to be controversial.
  • Chris Rene 6 of 8
    Chris Rene
    Chris tweeted, "Ayyyy Im getting Engaged!!!!!!" He later added, "Srry The truth is =APRIL FOOLS!!!"
  • Aubrey O’ Day 7 of 8
    Aubrey O' Day
    Aubrey tweeted, "Ive been nervous to tell u this tweets, its been 3 1/2 months n hiding..But, I'm PREGNANT! Hope my baby is fearless!" She even included a photo of a positive pregnancy test! She definitely fooled Snooki as the 'Jersey Shore' star tweeted, "OMG congrats mama! I need a preggers friend lol =]."
  • Mario Lopez 8 of 8
    Mario Lopez
    Mario excited his fans by saying, "Happy to announce that we'll be doing a Saved by the Bell reunion show!! Just finished the deal..Should be awesome. Stay tuned for details!!"

[Photos via Twitter.]

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