Archie Comics to Introduce Gay Character


Sure gays have gained the right to wed in certain places of America, but this is truly epic. Archie, one of the most wholesome comics around, will include a gay character. This is a giant step for normalizing heterosexuality and teaching kids acceptance and equality from a young age.

We know it’s not Archie who is constantly chasing Betty and Veronica. Could it be Jughead?

Nope. It’s a new character. Riverdale High’s very own gay teen Kevin Keller will be introduced in Veronica No. 202 in a story titled “Bromantic,” on sale September 1.

“We’re batting story ideas around and Dan (Parent-Archie artist) says, ‘What if Veronica, who’s able to get everything she wants, isn’t able to get something? What if a new good-looking boy comes into town and Veronica wants to date him and he turns her down?'” John Goldwater, the co-chief executive of Archie Comic Publications, tells DailyBeast. “And I say, ‘Why would he do that?’ And Dan says, ‘Because he’s gay.’ And I say, ‘Now that’s funny. That’s a good premise.’ ”

“I really think what we’re doing reflects what goes on in the world. I’m really thrilled with how people have reacted,” he continued. “Riverdale is accepting of everybody and we hope the world is accepting of everybody. Especially in the gay community, we’ve reassured people that we’re not going to dump him after this. The Kevin character is here to stay.”

While some have canceled their subscriptions, there have been far more supporters. In fact, the company has stated there was more backlash when Archie made the choice to marry Veronica instead of Betty.