Are Babies In Kylie Minogues Future?


Is there a baby in Kylie Minogue‘s future? And no, I’m not talking about the baby that her sister Danni is having in July. I’m talking about her own, living breathing bundle of joy. The superstar singer addressed the idea of motherhood saying…

“I’d love to have babies but, it’s very hard. Perhaps if you are resolutely sure that is not the path you want to go down, that’s ok. But if there is an element of doubt, you can’t help but question it. It’s not fun.”

Kylie is ridiculously busy, that’s what happens when you are a superstar! But that’s not all that may be keeping her childfree. Kylie is already 42-years-old and age is often a factor in procreating. And she battled breast cancer in 2005, during which her body went through much stress. Kylie continues to take meds to remain cancer free, which she has been since she underwent treatment five years ago. She’s been in remission ever since and will hopefully continue to be. For her sake and perhaps for the sake of her children, should she have any. But regardless of her own fate in becoming a mother,  she can always take on the role of doting aunt!


Photo: Bauer Griffin

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