Are Ben And Jen Tired Of The Public Eye?



Violet Affleck’s preschool is pretty ticked off, well , not the preschool itself, but the other parents.

They are tired of the paparazzi that line the streets trying to get their money shot, whether it be of Violet Affleck or Daisy True, Meg Ryan’s daughter.

The not-so-famous kids are put in danger everyday  by the crazy photographers. One of the mothers even said that one of the photo hungry paps almost ran her kid over.

Now that is just ridiculous. Those photographers will do anything for a picture, they yell out obscene things to the kids to get them to react. It’s a wonder that some sort of crazy altercation hasn’t  already.

The preschool is looking to get some sort of ordinance that would prevent the paps form getting within a certain amount of feet of the pre school, so the kids can have a stress free arrival and departure.

The Afflecks are in full agreement and have been working with the city to get this enacted.


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