Are Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry Back Together for Nahla?


Are Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry giving their relationship one last try, for Nahla’s sake?

That’s the word around town, at least according to the National Enquirer. The ex-couple are said to be giving it one last shot, attending couples counseling and planning to spend the summer together as a family in South Africa, where Berry will be shooting her latest film.

“”They’ll always be there for their little girl,” a source told the Enquirer. “But Halle’s begun to hope they may make it as a couple for the long run.

Well, if there’s any truth to all this, good for them. If they are still in love and there is any chance that they can work through their issues and be together, then it’s great that they are giving it a shot. The worst thing that happens is that they realize it won’t work. But even if that’s the case, perhaps the process of going through couples’ counseling will lead to a more amicable split, and a a better outcome for Nahla. The next best thing to having your parents in a committed relationship is having them separated, but able to get along well.

Source/Photo: PacificCoastNews

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