Are Haters Sabotaging J.Lo's American Idol Chances?


And the drama regarding who will be the next American Idol judge continues. Though we still haven’t found out officially who will replace Ellen DeGeneres and Kara DioGuardi, who both left the show after last season, there’s tons of speculation. One possibility? Celeb mom Jennifer Lopez–though it seems some of her enemies may be out to sabotage her chances.

According to Popeater, FOX executives think recent rumors about Lopez’s “diva demands”–like demanding too much money and other outrageous things–are just that: rumors, planted by people who aren’t fans of Idol or of Lopez.

But sources said negotiations between the singer and the show are actually progressing quite normally, and that it’s very likely Lopez will become a judge on the upcoming season of the singing competition.

Do you believe Lopez is being a diva–or is it just meaningless rumors?


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