Are Jennifer Lopez's Diva Days Over? Gets $12 Million for Idol But Not Other Demands

jennifer lopez
Jennifer Lopez reaches deal to judge American Idol

When one’s movie career seems to be on a downward spiral (The Backup Plan, anyone?) and one’s recording days are not what they once were, perhaps one should just take the money and stop being a a diva. And it looks like that’s exactly what Jennifer Lopez had to do in order to secure a place as a judge on American Idol. Lest you thought being the mom of toddler twins had humbled the notoriously demanding celebrity, you thought wrong.  Lopez’s negotiations to be on the hit show fell apart about a month ago thanks partly to unreasonable demands that had gotten “out of hand” says a source. But after backing off of several — including substantially more than $12 million for the season, having input into her co-judges, and getting additional development deals with Fox — she’s walking away with perhaps her tail between her legs but still a lot of cash in her pocket. At least a lot of cash to the rest of us…

“She’s very excited,” a source close to Lopez says of the final deal.

Fox has no comment and a rep for Lopez have not officially commented. Other judges in the running include Shania Twain, Harry Connick Jr., Elton John, Steven Tyler and Chris Isaak.  Which makes you wonder if Lopez did get her way, which one she’d give the thumbs-up to. Probably not Twain — we don’t need two beauties at the judge’s table!  Do you think Lopez will make a good judge?  I do — here’s why.