Are Jesse James' Kids Living With Sandra Bullock?


If you were a 5 ½ year old girl would you rather live with your philandering father, your fresh out of jail ex-porn star mother or Sandra Bullock? My bet the answer would be the latter. And hey, she’s an Oscar winner!

There is new word that Jesse James‘ three kids – Sunny, Chandler and Jesse, Jr. are all currently with… Sandra. The young trio, according to TMZ, is apparently holed up in a home somewhere in the LA area not at Sandra’s house. A home she’s temporarily fled since it has become “paparazzi central.” But these days they’re shooting more floral arrangements than stars.

So does this mean that Sandra might be making a play for the kids? There was already speculation that due to the close nature of Sunny and Sandra’s relationship that she might try to gain custody of the youngster.

In the hearing for Jesse’s plight to get custody of Sunny,  Sandra said, “I know the term ‘stepmother’ carries many connotations, one of them being a ‘glorified babysitter.’ My commitment and responsibility to Sunny, and Chandler and Jesse Jr., goes beyond that.”

Jesse’s older children daughter Chandler, 14, and son Jesse Jr., 11 – along with their half sister Sunny –  have been spending lot of time with their mom Karla lately. And with Jesse being away at rehab, it looks like Sandra also is stepping up to help with helping out with the kids. And before this news Sunny was seen also with other caregivers, her nanny and grandmother.

Who do you think Sunny should live with? Jesse? Her birth mom? Or Sandra?


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