Are New Parents Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Splitting?


The new issue of Life & Style is reporting that Kendra Wilkinson, 24, and Hank Baskett, married less than a year, might be headed for Splitsville due to Kendra’s sex tape scandal. The new mom reportedly is involved in a tape made when she was 18 and at some point tried to sell it, but now it’s in the hands of adult film company Vivid and she’s trying to block its release. Are we surprised? The woman was one of (at least!) three women sleeping with Hugh Hefner at the same time — of course some kind of sex tape was bound to emerge!  Sure, E! Entertainment has made big bucks from making Kendra out to be a goofy, somewhat naive bombshell, but her past would infer otherwise. Most important, what would this mean for baby Hank Baskett?

Surely if they separated, Kendra would high-tail it back to Los Angeles quicker than you can say “Post-Baby Playboy Cover.”  Which means little Hank Baskett would live in a different city from his father, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. But you know what? I don’t see them splitting over this.  They seem pretty happy, at least on tv, and if Hank can get over that she used to work for date Hefner, he can get over anything.

Regardless, a source says he’s pretty upset:

“Hank is totally upset and embarrassed.  He’s so angry. The main reason he’s embarrassed is his team’s [possible] reaction.  He needs to concentrate on his career right now, and this just creates more distractions for him.”