Are Pamela Anderson's Kids Becoming Trailer Trash?


pamela-anderson-white-out-06Pamela Anderson and her two sons are living in a trailer park!  The reason for the change of habitat is because their Malibu home is being renovated.

According to Anderson, Brandon, 13, and Dylan, 11, are getting wild like their dad Tommy Lee.

She explains, “They got in trouble because my children are riding their dirt bikes through the whole trailer park, going crazy, doing flips – and everyone’s concerned for their safety. And mom’s like, ‘Oh, they’ve been riding the whole weekend, they’re having a blast!’ I was like, ‘They’re not allowed to ride their dirt bikes in the trailer park!’ They terrorize the neighborhood the whole time.”

She adds, “My son got in trouble at school for beating somebody up. Well, not really beating somebody up. Just one of the counsellors, who’s 18 or 19, made a rude comment about me to him. Brandon threw his Red Bull (drink) on him and then went after him and they had to peel him off him. Now I’m getting called into school.

Okay, I’m a little curious to know what kind of trailer park this is. Surely she can afford to rent in a more established area in L.A.? As for her sons, at least Brandon is drinking a Red Bull instead of a Budweiser.