Are Those Dreads In Brad Pitt's Beard?


Brad_Pitt-braids-beardBrad Pitt is officially a cooler dad than my dad ever was.  I think.  Dreads are still cool, right?

OK, technically Pitt has braided  his beard, not put it into dreadlocks.  But the four silver beads match his silver goatee so well, it’s easy to miss them.

Brad unveiled his new ‘do (is it called a ‘do if it’s facial hair?) while in Japan for the Inglourious Basterds premiere.  He says he’s growing the beard out for a role in The Lost City of Z.

I’m trying to imagine my own father putting beads into his mustache.  I think I would have been mortified, but the Pitt-Jolie kids seem much, much cooler than I was.  Of course, I never my parents never trusted me enough to officiate any of their weddings, either.  I’m sure that would have made me a cooler kid.

Anyway – Brad Pitt braided his beard.  And while your dad probably couldn’t pull it off, he’s kind of working it.


Photo by Getty Images