Aretha Franklin Surgery : What Was It For?

Aretha Franklin Surgery a Success
Aretha Franklin surgery was a success

No one knows why Aretha Franklin had surgery yesterday morning. All that is being said is that the surgery was successful. She was able to release a statement about it, thanking the doctors and telling everyone that God was in control.

The 68 year-old star has cancelled all her performances through May, so it must be something serious.

In all honesty, when I hear “celeb surgery,” I automatically jump to wondering what part of their bodies they are having enhanced, tucked, nipped, or otherwise dramatically altered. And I roll my eyes.

But, celebs are people, too. Not immune from serious illnesses.

Take Michael Douglas and his stage four throat cancer as an example. He’s usually just held up as an acting icon. But, he has cancer to battle.

The fact that all of Aretha’s performances have been cancelled so far out leads us to believe that we will not be playing “guess the plastic surgery” but worrying about her health.

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