Army Wives' Catherine Bell On How Young Is Too Young For a Cell Phone

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Army Wives' Catherine Bell

On Army Wives, Catherine Bell plays mom Denise Sherwood.  While she has a grown son(oh, how we miss Jeremy!) and a newborn daughter on the show, she has an 8 year-old daughter, Gemma, and a 9 month-old son, Ronan, in real life.

Catherine doesn’t have to deal with life and death issues in her day to day life, like her character does.  Though, don’t tell her daughter Gemma that a cell phone isn’t a life or death matter!

Cell phones are so common these days that it’s assumed that everyone has one. And that “everyone” keeps getting younger and younger!

What age should you allow your child to have a cell phone? While Catherine Bell’s daughter is already asking for one, the Army Wives star says “Maybe 11/12! She keeps asking!”

What do you think? At what age will you let your children have a cell phone?

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