Army Wives Catherine Bell Spending Lots of Time with Family: What's Next for Her?

army wives
Catherine Bell keeps busy after "Army Wives"

The season finale for Army Wives left us feeling like that could be a series finale, with all the changes to come on base.  Or, it’s possible that we could have one more season of Army Wives.  I really hope the show isn’t over yet!

But, during the break, Army Wives’ Catherine Bell is spending lots of time with family.  Will she have any more kids?

A fan tweeted at Catherine and asked her what project she was working on next.  She replied, “Family!” which led to speculation that Catherine Bell could be pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

Catherine was quick to squash that rumor, though, but saying that she had her tubes tied during her last C-section.

We’ll have to see what is next for Catherine Bell, but we know it’s not a baby!  I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that it’s another season of Army Wives.

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