Army Wives Recap: What the Army Wives are Up to in Season 5


army wives season 5The new season of Army Wives premiered Sunday night on Lifetime! The Army Wives have been missed!

Find out what is new with each of the Army Wives:

Denise has a new baby and is meeting Jeremy’s fiance. Talk about an awkward conversation. Jeremy’s fiance insults Denise’s husband and talks about not wanting to be “just a nurse.” Though Denise does invite her back over to try to make things right. But, that doesn’t work because she says that she thinks there is something wrong with the baby and Denise doesn’t believe her, even though she ends up taking Molly to the hospital at the end of the episode.

Roxy is dealing with TJ as a teenager. And then Finn’s dad shows up to give Roxy some money from his dad’s will.  He ends up spending the night at Roxy’s after drinking too much.  TJ freaks out on them when he finds Whitt on their couch in the morning. Though nothing happened, Roxy admits that she feels more like herself with him around and gets frustrated with Trevor’s deployment.

Pamela gets a job offer in Atlanta, but feels conflicted because she isn’t sure what to do about Chase. To further complicate things, her partner kisses her!

Claudia Joy sends her daughter off to college, while Michael tells her that there is a chance that they could move closer to Emmalin.

Roland and Joan discuss the possibility of Joan leaving the Army to expand their family. But, then Joan gets a promotion. While she thinks it will allow for more family time, she finds out it’s a whole lot of paper work.

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