Army Wives Spoilers: Who Dies on Army Wives Season 5? Why It Won't Be Michael


army wives spoilersArmy Wives really left us hanging this week. Who dies in Army Wives season 5?

We thought we would get to see last night, but the show cut off right before that was revealed. If you look at the Army Wives preview, you can get a lot of clues as to who it probably is who dies on Army Wives next week.  You can take a look at the Army Wives spoilers here.

But, aside from the clues from the Army Wives preview, there are more reasons why it’s not Michael who dies.

Really, what is Claudia Joy’s point on the show if she is not Michael’s wife? That is really her function on the show. I know that she does more on base and is starting her career, but we wouldn’t have much reason to see her if Michael dies.

Roxy would still be around because of the Hump Bar. Denise because of either her husband or son, and Pamela seems to be able to stay relevant to the show even though she and Chase divorced. But, I don’t see a place on Army Wives for Claudia Joy without Michael.

Plus, Claudia Joy’s family has already gone through enough drama, when her oldest daughter died.

Who do you think dies on Army Wives next week?