Army Wives: Top 5 Most Dramatic Moments on Army Wives


army wives spoilersAs we wait to find out who dies on Army Wives on Sunday’s episode, let’s take a look back at some of the most dramatic moments from the past seasons of Army Wives:

Though you can also check out the Army Wives spoilers, too.

1. Army Wives kicked off the first season with a bang when Pamela had her twins on a pool table with the other ladies helping. Not just twins, but twins that she was having for someone else to get her family out of debt.

2. Amanda dying in the explosion at the Hump Bar. Especially with  the way that Army Wives episode played out: making us think that she was fine and off to college.

3.  Roxy miscarrying. Just sad all around.

4. Denise’s affair was unexpected.

5. Jeremy trying to kill himself after his friend dies.

What do you think has been the most dramatic moment of Army Wives so far?