Army Wives: Why We Aren't Surprised At Tonight's Sad Loss


army wives recapWe knew that a loss was coming on Army Wives.

We weren’t positive who it would be, though we used all the clues in the preview to predict that it would be Jeremy who died on Army Wives.  The clues were mostly based on military protocol, except for the one about what color hose the Army Wife was wearing who was handed the folded flag from the coffin.

But, aside from those clues, there are other reasons that we aren’t surprised that it was Jeremy who died on Army Wives.

It could have been Chase, except that the storyline with him and Pamela is just heating back up.  It wasn’t Trevor because there is enough going on with Roxy’s son and ex coming back into the picture; this would have added way too much drama to their storyline.  It wasn’t Michael because Claudia Joy would end up being obsolete on the show without him. 

So, it made more sense for the storyline of Army Wives for it to be Jeremy. Even though having yet another child die on this show is absolutely heartbreaking.

Were you surprised when it was Jeremy who died on Army Wives?