Arnold Klein Will Only Take A Paternity Test For MJ's Kids


michael-jackson-arnold-kleinThe controversy surrounding the biological parents of Michael Jackson’s children has spiraled way out of control by this point, but it is important to remember that — back before Macaulay Culkin was suspected of being MJ’s sperm donor — the most obvious biological father is and has always dermatologist Arnold Klein.

However, there are only to scenarios in which he’ll take a DNA test to prove it: the court orders him to, or MJ’s kids ask him to once they’ve reached adulthood. Says Arnold Klein’s lawyer:

“The court certainly would not order a DNA test after the death of the conclusively presumed biological parent,” Kaplan said. “I think that if, at some point in time, the minor children reach their majority, which they will, that will be a decision I would assume they would make…they alone would make.”

“Whether he is or he isn’t, it’s not going to make him love these children any more or less than if somebody else were the source. In the past there was a very close, loving relationship. I think they referred to him as Uncle Arnold.”

Reading between the lines just a little bit here, I think that Arnie is pretty much admitting that he’s the father. At the same time, he’s acknowledging that it doesn’t really matter in this case — unless it matters to the kids.

Prince Michael and Paris are both believed to be biologically related to Dr. Klein, who donated sperm in the past. Also, you might remember that Paris and Prince Michael’s mother Debbie Rowe worked at Dr. Klein’s office when she met MJ.

I have to give Klein props for respecting the children and the Jackson family, i.e. not filing for custody of Prince Michael and Paris.