Arnold Schwarzenegger Already Looking for Stepmom for His Kids? Kisses Mystery Woman (Photos)

Arnold Schwarzenegger divorce
Arnold Schwarzenegger and mystery woman

Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife Maria Shriver announced yesterday that they will be getting divorced, after twenty-five years of marriage. When a couple has made it that many years, we just assume that they are going to last forever.

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s kids probably thought the same thing about their parents: that they’d never have to worry about having a stepparent.  But, just a day after announcing their split, Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen kissing another woman. See the pic:

Could Arnold Schwarzenegger already be looking for a new wife and stepmom for his kids? This split can’t be easy on his children. Add in someone new this soon and the situation is even harder on the kids!  Maybe there is a harmless explanation for the kiss? A kiss on the neck can be harmless, right? Or maybe not.

Arnold divorce
Arnold Schwarzenegger kisses mystery woman

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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