Arnold Schwarzenegger: How Does a Parent Keep a Child Secret for So Long?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

When you are in the public eye, it can be very difficult to keep a secret. There are enemies, competitors and tabloids who would love to be the first to find out about some skeleton in the closet or secret scandal. When a shocking secret is keep on the down-low for years or in the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a decade, one wonders how they kept it quiet. Especially when the secret is the creation of a human being,  a ‘love child’ fathered by a A-list actor and political powerhouse.  How did Arnold Schwarzenegger keep the secret of his love child from not just his wife but the public for so long?

This news what Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t just unfaithful but that his affair created a child would have been priceless information for one of Schwarzenegger’s political foes or for a supermarket tabloid. A story that if sold could have been a very lucrative payday for a tattle tale.  But in the case of Schwarzenegger, the woman he fathered a child with was in the employ of the Schwarzenegger/Shriver household , and was reportedly very close with the family. She worked in their home and knew the family intimately, she also happened to be married as well. She supposedly bore and raised the child and told everyone it was her (now ex) husband’s.

The woman worked for the family for twenty years, and after the baby was born she continued working for them, with Maria Shriver and their children no doubt sharing various milestones with the woman and child.  This must have come as quite a shock when the family found out the child they had known also it’s life was actually their half brother or sister. And the child in question, one wonders how this revelation would have affected them. Did they have any hints to their true lineage?

In keeping this quiet, money probably played a big part in keeping the story quiet. Schwarzenegger has reportedly supported the baby since birth and the mother has since retired (and probably lives comfortably). One thing for sure, she did an amazing job keeping it quiet.

But this begs the question, why is the story coming out now, why didn’t it stay quiet?