Arrest Made In Robert Schimmel Car Wreck


Police have finally released more details pertaining to the car accident that led to comedian Robert Schimmel’s untimely death.

The driver of the car that Schimmel’s daughter, Aaliyah, swerved to avoid has now been arrested after fleeing the scene.

Aaliyah was reportedly driving a Honda coupe carrying the comedian and his 11-year-old son last Thursday when the SUV driving in front of them crashed into the median. Aaliyah swerved to avoid the wreck and in turn flipped their vehicle over into a concrete drainage ditch. The driver of the SUV fled the scene and has now been arrested.

Schimmel died Friday, a week after the wreck, while Aaliyah had minor injuries and her 11-year-old brother left unharmed.

Let’s hope that this family finds peace after losing their father.

Do you think the driver of the SUV should be punished?