Arrest Warrant Issued for Lindsay Lohan, Father Thrilled


An arrest warrant was issued for Lindsay Lohan today when she failed to appear for her latest court appearance with bail set at $100,000. And nobody is more thrilled than her father Michael Lohan.

Lisa Bloom, who is representing Lindsay’s father , said: “We feel this was a win. We feel these conditions should have been ordered all along. We ask that Lindsay not be ordered to jail but to residential rehabilitation.”

Lohan said she didn’t show because her passport was stolen while in Cannes and by the time she received a new one, it was too late to make it back to the United States in time for her court date.  The judge cried foul on that, noting that in fact Lohan could have gotten a temporary passport and that Lohan in fact never reported the documents missing to the authorities even though her attorney claimed she did.  This was a long time coming — we’ll have to see if she lands in the clink or ordered to rehab.

No official word from Mom-ager Dina Lohan yet on how she feels about the ruling. My guess is she’s still visiting that river called Denial.