Arrested Development's Jeffrey Tambor Expecting Twins!



64 year-old Jeffrey Tambor — aka the dad in Arrested Development — is beating out Rod Stewart for the way-too-old dad award. He and his wife Kasia Ostlun are expecting twins.

“I’m developing all the symptoms my wife has… she gets a headache, I get a headache. She gets gas, I get gas.”

The twins, due in October, will join Jeffrey’s two other young kids, Gabriel, 4, and Eve, 2. Tambor also has two adult daughters from a different marriage.

I’d say that puts Tambor just a smidge ahead of 64 year-old Rod Stewart, who is also rumored to have a baby on the way, in the race for the most decrepit father award.

Am I being too hard on these dudes? I mean, I’m sure that at the age of 80, they’ll still have plenty of energy to keep up with their 16 year-old kids.

Congratulations all the same, to Jeffrey and Kasia. Check out Jeffrey in the sure-to-be hilarous comedy Hangover, which opens today.