As Jesse James Becomes Embroiled In Fresh Scandals, Where Is Sandra Bullock?


Jesse James’ big “I’m so sorry. Everyone please forgive me,” appearance on Nightline did not go over so well. In meaning to excuse himself or get sympathy or maybe even possibly tell the truth, he’s ignited some new scandals. His father abused him, he didn’t abuse him, Jesse tortured animals as a child…The whole thing is just a disaster and the man who had just had affairs and some Nazi photos has gone from hated to just vile and disgusting and every other gross word in the book.

So where has Sandra Bullock been? She reportedly did not watch the interview, but it would be easy for her to turn on the TV, look at the Internet, pass by a newsstand, etc, and find out what is going on.  The photogs and press would love to get a response from her, but like magic/ a CIA operative/ class A ninja, she has once again disappeared.

Where could she, one of the most recognizable people, have gone? Did she wear a disguise, perhaps a fake mustache and monocle?  Could she have borrowed Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak?  Where in the world is Sandra Bullock?  Well gumshoes, we’ve got the scoop. Hit it Rockapella!

Sandra was holed up in the Beverly Hills hotel with her new son Louis Bardo. Several sources told that she spent days at the hotel, mostly staying out of sight and deliberately avoiding the paparazzi.

The hotel is known for its strict rules enforcing celebrity privacy so she made a good pick to avoid having her location leaked. They also offer luxury and private bungalows to ensure seclusion.

And while some time in a swank hotel sounds nice, Sandra has got to be dying to get out.  For month’s after her big Oscar win she had to disappear instead of standing in the spotlight and enjoying her victory. How long will Jesse keep himself in the public eye and force her to go into seclusion? He needs to just stay home, hang out with his kids, and keep his mouth shut. If only one of them can exist out and about in the world at a time, I think we would all pick Sandra.