Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Need A Bigger House


ashlee-simpson-chicago1Just in case you’re in the market for some high-end real estate, Ashlee Simpson’s $4M Mediterranean-style mansion is on the market. The 5-bedroom that she bought before marrying Pete Wentz is apparently cramping their style and is definitely not going to accommodate Ashlee’s big picture family plans.

Sure, Ashlee, Pete and 15-month-old Bronx each have their own 1.66 bedrooms now… but Ashlee and Pete are working to change that:

“We’d love to have more kids. I love being a mother. We’re together all the time.”

Adds Pete:

“Everything is awesome about being a dad. Eventually we want to be able to have our own soccer team!”

It’s obvious they love being parents, but I had no idea that they were that gung-ho on having a big family.

Will Ashley and Pete’s brood eventually rival Brangelina’s? If so, they’d better get to work.


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