Ashlee Simpson Talks About Bronx On "Today" (Video)


ashlee-simpson-bronx-2Ashlee Simpson stopped by the studio for an interview with The Today Show this morning, where she chatted it up about working on the new Melrose Place and bringing Bronx onto the set.

On bring Bronx on the MP set:

“He’s infatuated with the lights and eveything so it’s kinda fun for him.”

Unfortunately, Ashlee pretty much gave stock answers about everything, but there was still some interesting tidbits. For instance, Bronx is trying to walk and his hair changes colors daily. Is that normal?

I though Ashlee’s response was kind of interesting when she was asked how her life had changed since the baby. She gave a rehearsed answer about how he’s brought “light” and “joy” into her life, but you could kinda see on her face that she was perhaps thinking about all the things she was no longer able to do. You know, the stuff that Pete does.

She was also asked about Aunt Jessica, who is supposedly doing “good” after her Tony Romo breakup.